Oahu Luaus – Luau on Oahu

Oahu LuausAloha and Welcome to OahuLuau.Info… The #1 Source for Information About Luaus on Oahu and all other Hawaii Tours! Out of the myriads of fun things to do on your vacation to Hawaii, there is one iconic experience that stands out as a must do attraction: A Hawaiian Luau on the Beach! Fresh flowers around your neck, a Mai Tai in Hand, a Sun Setting with toes in the sand and your loved one in hand… Our mission is to provide you with information about the incredible luaus on the island of Oahu, and help you decide which one best fits the needs of you and your traveling companions. Our agents can assist you with reservations for other attractions as well.

A luau is a Hawaiian feast and gathering of friends. Authentic luaus will provide Hawaiian Food, such as Taro, Lau Lau, Pipikaula, Rice, Kalua Pig… And the list goes on and on. In addition to food and friends, entertainment is also provided at a luau, such as Hula Dancing, Fireknife Dancing, and traditional /progressive Hawaiian music. Add a few Mai Tai’s to the Mix, or some Primo Hawaiian Beer, and You’ve got the makings of a Real Luau.

Before 1856, luaus were referred to as a “paina”. The name “luau” is was adopted around 1856 when the term was used for the first time in the Pacific Commercial Advertiser. Since then the Oahu Luausname has stuck and and is an integral part of Hawaii Culture. It has also become part of Hawaiian Culture to share their customs with visitors from the four corners of the Earth. A Hawaiian Luau like Germaines, Paradise Cove, or PCC will do a fantastic job of sharing this beautiful culture with you!

Once you have chosen your favorite luau, our local agents will be able to assist you with the reservation and offer you unbeatable prices that are much lower than retail, direct, or any other travel agencies.

And, unlike most website companies, we also encourage you to call in for information just as much as viewing the website. Agents will be able to provide you with an abundance of helpful information about Luau’s and Frequent Questions that visitors have.